We Recommend

MIND OVER MEDIA. Analyzing Contemporary Propaganda (2016). A crowdsourcing online platform that offers teachers/trainers materials and lesson plans to use in their teaching about propaganda no matter the learning situation.

Populism, Media & Education. Challenging Discrimination in Contemporary Digital Societies, 2015. Based on a major research project in seven European countries, Populism, Media and Education studies how discriminatory stereotypes are built online with a particular focus on right-wing populism. Check out the Educational Tools as well in the up-right corner. You have to register to access those. Available into English and French.

Developing Media Literacy, Primary Classroom Resources, 2014 published by the English and Media Centre. The pack itself came out of a four-year research project, funded by the Economic and Social Research Council, and it contains an extensive set of multi-media teaching materials designed for use in primary schools. Print copy for sale.

Do have a look at David Buckingham’s new online platform. You will find an open collection of David’s shorter, less academic articles on youth, media, culture and education. He will also keep an updated blog on the same platform. So do follow him if you’re interested in how young people use media, how to use media education for various purposes and the role of media – including digital media – in our culture.

Media and Information Policies in Romania (EN, 2013) national report for the European research project ANR TRANSLIT and COST “Transforming Audiences/Transforming Societies” conducted by the media researcher Divina Frau Meigs. Read about the status of media education policies in Romania and some interesting comments and recommendations.

Behind the News: Daily News Application for Young Readers
Have a look at the news-o-matic! A resource website that brings in daily news for young readers from a team of journalists, educators and entrepreneurs. We’ll have a look at it too and return with feedback. To be enjoyed with the kids. Read more

Charting Media and Learning in Europe – Romanian Chapter (EN, 2013) a series of three reports on the status of media and learning in Europe, published by the 8 partners in the MEDEAnet project. Have a look to find out the media and learning status in Romania – policy and practice, teachers’ training, adult training, education, NGOs initiatives.

For high school teachers: free download educational package to use with your students - Let’s discover together what’s behind the news (EN, Active Watch, 2010). It contains critical analysis exercises – class discussions, group work on related issues of media communication, journalism and news production – as well as documentation and evaluation tools of the students’ activity.

Media Literacy in Romania, 2008, Fotiade, N., Popa, M., 2008, ActiveWatch – Media Monitoring Agency, Bucharest.