Volunteer With Us

Want to join the team of volunteers at MediaWise Society? Contact us by email at office@mediawise.ro

Together we can help MediaWise Society grow. Here are some ways you can get involved and learn about media literacy:


  • Online communication officer. We use the online medium to reach our target groups. We have a communication strategy, but we need volunteers to pursue it. If you want to practice your online communication skills, MediaWise is a good place to start.
  • Editor & Graphic designer (including web graphic). For our online contents and educational resources in digital format.


  • Organization & promotion of MediaWise workshops. You can help organize our media literacy workshops, support and assist workshop leaders, prepare and publish promotional materials. We are currently establishing our workshop offer and we’re searching for workshop leaders for children and parents, teachers and librarians on various media literacy topics.
  • ADVOCACY actions for media literacy in schools. It requires documentation work and analysis of legislation and educational policies.
  • EN-RO, FR-RO translations/ editing, writing. You can translate and edit texts on media literacy aimed at parents and teachers. It can be a great opportunity to learn about the various media literacy techniques and strategies, especially if you are interested in this field. You can also add to your current knowledge of how media works, analysis and creation of media messages, image construction techniques and many others.

UPDATE:  We are looking for volunteers for editing, writing, publishing and promoting our educational content (2-3 people).

If you have other skills you would like to use at MediaWise Society, read about what we do and contact to us at office@mediawise.ro.


  • Adina Ionescu, editare resurse educaționale, promovare online
  • Bianca Alecu, traducere
  • Robert Găinescu, grafică resurse educaționale, editare
  • Sorin Gherguț, traducere și editare

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