• 13 – 18 February, 2017, Media literacy training course with 30 librarians in the Republic of Moldova, organised by IREX Europe in Chișinău.

The aim of the training was two-fold: (1) to raise the librarians’ media literacy levels for critical media consumption and responsible media use and (2) to offer them media education strategies to use in the library with various members of the local communities (especially, children and fellow librarians). The participants’ feedback show a successful course. 71% of the course participants rated the course as Excellent and 26% as Practical and truly useful. All trainees evaluated the trainer’s experience, knowledge, attitude and overall performance to a high and very high degree with only one exception.

The evaluation tests taken before & after the ML training clearly show that the majority of the trainees are now more autonomous media consumers/users, able to understand better their media use in their social and cultural circumstances. They are able to take more informed decisions, to perform a number of tasks with a variety of media objects and to share media messages in a responsible way. Most importantly they are able to transfer their knowledge and skills in the context of the library. (excerpt from the Mediawise Feedback&Evaluation Report).

Mediawise Society is the proud partner in Romania and hosts the workshop ‘Initiative for Media Literacy Network in the CSEE region’ – a first meet-up trial with people and organisations in the Central and South-Eastern Europe interested to build up a joint media education community.

FREE networking event on media literacy education.

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