About Us

Welcome to MEDIAWISE SOCIETY, the Romanian association for media culture and education

At our training and resource centre for media education, you can find everything you need to know about the opportunities and risks of using media. Check out our training courses and workshops for children and youth, teachers and librarians, employees of non-governmental organisations.

We help institutions and organisations to increase their capacity to develop media education programs.

We count on the teachers and trainers’ involvement, librarians, journalists, employees and volunteers of non-governmental organisations to build together the community of practice in media education.

Media literacy (which includes digital literacy) is about

  • being able to create and communicate through (mass) media,
  • having a deep critical understanding of how mass media work and their impact on your everyday life,
  • have basic knowledge about media production, language and media representation,
  • understand the media culture you live in.
  • to know your rights, freedoms and responsibilities in the digital and online environments.

“Media literacy should not be seen as a purely cognitive, rational affair: it also involves emotional response, enjoyment and cultural appreciation” (prof. David Buckingham, Honorary Member at Mediawise Society).