Media Literacy Europe

Media Literacy Europe (#MLE) Network was set to bring together grassroots media education practitioners especially in the South-Eastern and Central Europe to get to know each other and promote media literacy in joint partnerships. 

#MLE is a Mediawise Society initiative but the success of the network dwells in its members’ direct involvement! 
The first meeting of the network in May 2015 was kindly supported by Evens Foundation.

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Excerpt from the Mediawise Society invitation to collaboration in the network, January 2015:

Mediawise Society in Romania is looking for people and organisations in Central & South-Eastern Europe that would be interested to join in and get involved in a network of partners and collaborators to promote and develop media literacy education. 
Our motivation behind this call for networking lies mainly in our documentation of the fact that media education initiatives in the CSEE region are scarce and scattered. Very rarely people and organisations/institutions meet to develop together regional and local projects or form an advocacy force to pressure for media literacy education policies. Most of the times organisations in the region depend on Western and Northern European partners to be involved in European projects. Even though such partnerships are most welcomed to exchange expertise, gain experience and thus link N-W Europe to the S-E, many times the results of such projects are not always efficient from the regional and local points of view. A regional network should have more local impact on (1) making media education more popular, (2) developing media education regional projects and partnerships, (3) a joint advocacy movement for media education policies.
Mediawise Society would like to thank APTI (Asociația pentru Tehnologie și Internet) for its technical and expertise support.

28 – 29 March, 2017 Mediawise at the regional conference ‘Media Literacy & The Journalists’ Educational Needs‘ in Skopje, Macedonia.

Organisers: the Macedonian Institute for Media & The Center for Independent Journalism

02 July 2015, (VIDEO) Inspirație pentru educație media

12 video-prezentări despre diverse moduri de a face educație media în Europa, care sperăm să te inspire!

28 May 2015, Media Literacy Practitioners in Joint Action

After 6 months of email exchange, Skype meetings and an online survey with the interested people, we finally met face-to-face last week in Warsaw at the MediaMeetsLiteracy conference. Those of you who could not make it are kindly asked to read about what happened there and leave comments.

09 March 2015, OPEN REGISTRATION for the ‘Media Meets Literacy’ in Warsaw, 21-22 May 2015

OPEN REGISTRATION for the ‘Media Meets Literacy’ in Warsaw, 21-22 May 2015. FREE networking event on media literacy education. MEDIAWISE Society is the proud partner in Romania.

We also take this opportunity to make public our initiative in South-East and Central Europe to gather media education practitioners into a regional community. We have already started to contact people and organisations in the region about this. Our all-day workshop in Warsaw will give us the opportunity to meet face-to-face and discuss how to better set off a collaborative network.