What We Do

We are here to help you understand how the media work and and their role in your everyday life.

  • We provide educational resources to support media education in schools and other non-formal learning contexts.
  • We design and organize media literacy workshops for children and adults.
  • Training courses for teachers, trainers and librarians interested to grow the media literacy they need in their work.
  • We build the Mediawise community of practicians and make media literacy education popular. Our aim is to involve parents, teachers and librarians, children and youth to contribute to media literacy education in any learning environment.
  • Research in media, communication and education.
  • We advocate for the introduction of media education in schools.
  • We offer advice and assistance on issues and policies related to education, media and communication. Write to us at office@mediawise.ro.

Our learning strategy. While we learn to use media, analize, evaluate and create media contents, we develop life skills. We learn how to collaborate, to have dialogue, to express freely our opinion and ideas, to debate without offending others, with respect for diversity. At the same time, we change the learning mindset and we use media tools and contents, which are or should become familiar to children and youth.