About Us

We are delighted you found us online!

MEDIAWISE Society is a non-governmental and non-profit organisation set up in 2014 and based in Bucharest.

Our goal is to increase the children and youth media and digital literacy. Why? Because media literacy is needed more and more in the context of social communication and technological progress, but absent in the Romanian formal and non-formal education.

By media literacy we mainly understand critical attitude towards media messages, responsible use of digital media and the understanding of the media culture in which we live in and how it influences our media consumption and use.

We work with people in education, training and information fields – teachers, trainers and librarians, NGO workers, parents, but the ultimate target of our media literacy programs are the children and youth.

“Media literacy should not be seen as a purely cognitive, rational affair: it also involves emotional response, enjoyment and cultural appreciation” (prof. David Buckingham, Honorary Member at Mediawise Society).